Administración de viáticos para empresas

Viaticoz es la herramienta digital ideal para viajantes, fuerzas de venta y ejecutivos viajeros frecuentes que buscan reducir y simplificar el proceso de rendición de viáticos y acortar los tiempos de aprobación y reembolso.

Compuesta por una aplicación móvil para la captura digital de los comprobantes de gastos en el momento mismo de su generación, y una aplicación web para el control y aprobación de los mismos desde el área administrativa de su empresa. 

Agiliza notablemente el proceso contabilización de los gastos de sus fuerza laboral en viaje.

A través de la aplicación, quien recibe un comprobante toma una fotografía del mismo, digitalizando el documento, el cual quedará ya respaldado en la nube, accesible para su visualización inmediata por los responsables de control y aprobación de gastos.


Swisscom’s subsidiary Localsearch acquired Websheep in 2018, which offered five websites for specific industries in Switzerland, where users could compare SMBs such as lawyers, dentists and more in their vicinity. YMC was contracted by the new owner to refactor the underlying software infrastructure for it to be rolled out under the new brand name “Vergleich CH” for dozens more industries.


The comparison websites generate revenue through an auction system. Service providers can bid for a prized ranking position on the comparison chart for a certain town or region. YMC fine-tuned the bidding and ranking system after the acquisition and also added business analytics features to generate custom reports for sales, marketing and other departments.


Websheep had already established the viable business model based on its auction system for prized ranking prior to the acquisition. Yet, new comparison websites were set up by duplicating the software code of the previous one. This approach severely limited the scalability of the infrastructure and business model. Hence, Localsearch asked YMC successfully to develop a multi-tenant platform to quickly deploy a new comparison website for an industry with just a couple of clicks. As of today, a total of 50 comparison websites are online.


YMC’s agile programming approach enabled Localsearch to go to market fast. It sold its refactored offering to new industries only five months after YMC was contracted. Simply because the very first minimum viable version (MVP) of the refactored infrastructure was already of high quality. Hence, Localsearch could early on generate revenue with new comparison websites based on a minimum feature set, which were gradually extended based on the feedback of new users while additional programming was already covered by the new revenue stream.


The new “Vergleich CH” infrastructure built by YMC for Swisscom’s Localsearch is a multi-tenant platform for dedicated industry-specific comparison websites. Its API-based architecture can be customized for each industry. For example, carpenters would not want to reveal their pricing online, because their work requires an individual cost estimate, while cosmeticians would want to see the lowest price of their offerings displayed on the comparison portal. This implies the need of different features and filters on the websites due to different needs of the industries. That was taken into account as well in YMC’s implementation.


User Support During Ramp Up

Five months into its contract, YMC finished the first iteration of the minimum viable product (MVP). Based on this milestone, new comparison websites were set up for additional industries and the Localsearch customer relations staff directly contacted SMBs throughout Switzerland to get listed there. This team walked them through the user area and showed them how to set up their account, how to become listed in certain towns or regions and how to bid for a higher position by utilising the ranking system.

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