Digital catalog and order taking tool for a leading fashion company

Developed in collaboration with the firm V2BWare ( to be used by the sales force of the well-known brand Caro Cuore.

It implements an access control mechanism in order to only allow the company staff to use the app, which should login to access their own information.

It synchronizes, through a web service, the product catalog data (images, videos and texts), obtaining the information from the management system of Caro Cuore. It registers the orders and synchronizes them with the commercial module of the management system of the company as soon as it has data connection available. Once synchronized the products data, it can work off-line; orders taken while not having connection are stored locally and afterwards synchronized when it gets back the Internet access.

It was developed for Android platform.

It has been a turnkey project, and currently is under a scheme of on demand sporadic tasks of maintenance and evolution.