Content management platform for Online Media.

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Medioz is a platform for managing news articles and advertisment optimized for newspapers, magazines, radio, TV channels, sports and entertainment portals, political parties, public figures and media in general.

We provide a self-manageable web platform for publishing news and advertising content, developed with HTML5 / CSS3 technologies, that allows to implement news portals designed following responsive web design (RWD) techniques, obtaining as a result websites that automatically adapt and optimize the way they are displayed for any kind of device: PC, tablet or smartphone.


  • Full control over the contents of the portal, completely avoiding dependence on third parties.
  • Optimal reading experience assured regardless of the device from which the site is accessed (PCs, tablets, smartphones, smart-TVs).
  • Positioning and distribution, through automatic metadata generation and integration with Google Analytics and Google News.
  • Generates revenue through subscriptions to exclusive content and publishing of advertising banners.
  • Change to further enhance the presence in the channel primarily chosen by users for reading news, that is mobile, through a mobile application and alerts delivery (PUSH notifications and/or SMS).

Statistics regarding media audience evolution highlights an urgent and clear need to catch up with users habits of online content consumption.

  • More than nine in 10 men (93%) and women (92%) ages 25-44 who were online in August 2015 engaged with newspaper digital content.
  • The newspaper digital audience grew more than twice as fast as the overall internet audience for age groups 18-24, 25-34 and 35-44.
  • Half of the newspaper digital audience is composed of those who use only mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) for their newspaper digital content
  • Eight in 10 of the newspaper mobile audience use smartphones exclusively for access.
Newspaper Digital Audience Grew Twice As Fast As The Internet In Past 12 Months (Newspaper Association of America)

Set the grounds for easily evolving to the next step in mobile content delivery for the audience, a multi-platform mobile app. Medioz is prepared for feeding innovative mobile solutions for any mobile platform, such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and even SmartTVs platforms.