The official app for the world oldest car racing association

Two companies from the city of Rosario joint efforts to build the official app for following the main racing categories in Argentina.

Both form part of the Polo Tecnológico Rosario (Rosario Technological Pole), one of the leading technological centers in Argentina, and had teamed up to develop a mobile app that provided real time information about the details of the Turismo Carretera tournament, the second most important sport in the country counting followers, just after soccer.

ACTC Mobile 2015 was the official mobile app of the Asociación de Corredores de Turismo Carretera (ACTC, for its acronym in spanish, association that holds the Guinness Record as the oldest racing category in the world), it had been developed by the companies Movizen and 3GByte, and covered the four categories of the ACTC: Turismo Carretera, Turismo Carretera Pista, Turismo Carretera Mouras y Turismo Carretera Mouras Pista

The solution allowed to have information from the races calendar, circuits, drivers, teams, tournament, special Cups, directions to get to the circuits, ticket prices, accommodation, commercial information, minute to minute results of all the runs of each round of the tournament, pole positions, live streaming, news, photo galleries, videos, notifications and instant alerts regarding every major event. Once synchronized through a web service, data was persisted locally and remained available to be read even without having Internet connection.

ACTC Mobile 2015 was available for Android, iOS and Blackberry. It was launched by the end of 2014 and surpassed the mark of 50.000 downloads only in Google Play Store, serving during the race rounds thousands of simultaneous users. It had been rated with 4 stars during its availability in the apps store.

It was a turn-key project It did not included an agreement for maintenance and/or evolution. Due to contractual discrepancies, it has been superseded by a new version developed completely by the client, who took as a baseline the data structure and general business logic deployed by Movizen in the 2015 version, but implemented a version that is not able to work off-line.

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