Mobile optimized version of a news portal is a leading regional online and printed magazine specialized in economics and businesses news.

It has pioneered mobile optimization of its online presence back in 2012 when few online news websites foresaw the increasing convergence of online traffic to mobile devices.

From the start it was a great challenge for Movizen: to turn one of the most important business publications in the region into a more modern and attractive news portal, both from the technological perspective and, fundamentally, from the user experience for readers.

Back then ON24 directors knew well that the Internet had risen unprecedented multiplication of news and information, disrupting old business models upon which quality journalism rested.

The unavoidable and vertiginous convergence towards an increasingly hyperlinked and ubiquitous technological environment thanks to mobile devices, where readers are no longer passive since they can, and actually do, become generators of such news and information ("prosumers": producers + consumers) deepens even more the need for new tools both to manage the news in a more agile and effective way and to reach as many readers as possible, at all times, anywhere, through any device: smart TV, PC, notebook, tablet or cell phone. That is precisely the focus of Movizen.

To exploit the unique features offered by mobile technologies to help our customers implement innovative, attractive and binding to relate to their own customers ways.

In this particular project, to achieve the goal, we worked together, shoulder to shoulder, with the creative and graphic designers of Bill & Ted, an agency with vast experience in graphic design and brand building, with whom we had been working synergistically on several projects both local and international. For high-flying challenges, as the one proposed by ON24, we judge essential to form a team to be up to the circumstances, such as the one we formed with ON24 own staff, Bill & Ted and Movizen.

It was a turn-key project, that has already evolved to a second version of the web design, and it is kept maintained by Movizen.