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Marketing and corporate SMS.

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For companies, institutions and marketing agencies looking to establish a quick, efficient and low cost channel for customer and/or own staff relationship management.

Specially thought for marketing and engagement actions.

Online application for institutional and commercial communications based on text messages (SMS).

It allows sending and receiving text messages, the customization of the content of the messages, scheduling bulk or individual deliveries, managing contacts data base, generating reports of the campaigns, and offers an API for integrating with third party and legacy systems.


  • Improves communication with clients and own staff.
  • Increases satisfaction and strengthens brand image.
  • Engages thanks to customized information.
  • Creates customers and contacts databases.
  • Captures information about consumer preferences.

The low cost, the lightning speed delivery time and the flexibility that SMS offers make it great for businesses and marketing applications; and its effectiveness largely surpasses its immediate substitute, the email.

Compared to sending emails, SMS messaging shows a 5 times greater open rate, at a time 2400% faster and with a click rate also 5 times greater; this due to the fact that far fewer SMS messages than emails are received a month on average, and there is virtually no SPAM on this communication channel.

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Despite the age of the technology, SMS should not be overlooked in any modern marketing and/or business process optimization strategy.