Mobile app for events, congresses and trade shows.

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Developed for event organizers and convention centers, Eventz is a digital platform that enhances the experience of those attending events.

It provides a mobile application for attendees, available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry, which allows the event organizer to communicate multi-format content (text, image, audio, video and notifications PUSH), in real-time, managed from a web application accessible via the Internet, at anytime, from anywhere.

Moreover, from the same mobile tool, the sales rep is able to take orders that will also synchronize with the business management system.


  • Increased flexibility and control in planning and communicating an event.
  • Increases the impact of the event by allowing the attendees to share and create content.
  • Promotes engagement of the attendant through surveys, questions to the speakers and gamification mechanisms.
  • Provides a personalized experience, by enabling to create a personal program of the event and to take notes on each activity.
  • Establishes a new communication channel for content, relevant to and in an adequate time for recipients.
  • Generates greater potential for monetization through sponsorship within the app.

App users will find useful features to take the greatest advantage of the event: selection of favorite activities to build a tailored personal program, note taking at each activity, contact information of the speakers, exhibitors and sponsors, a channel for making questions to the speakers during the activity.

Mobile event apps are more than a fad - they're now a necessary and vital part of a successful event. Whether you're trying to engage your audience, deliver value to your exhibitors and sponsors, or drive leads to your sales team, a solid mobile strategy will greatly help you in meeting your objectives.

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The platform additionally allows the deployment of a website for the event, whose content is updated simultaneously with the content of the app, from the same web content management application.