Catalog and sales order taking mobile suite.

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Manufacturers and wholesalers that need to optimize the business processes of their sales forces, will find in Catalogz the ideal tool.

It is a mobile suite that can integrate with any legacy business management system and synchronize the information from the company's product catalog, current promotions, and all the commercial and marketing content required by the sales representative in order to have at hand a sales tool of high impact on their promotional work.

Moreover, from the same mobile tool, the sales rep is able to take orders that will also synchronize with the business management system.


  • Eliminates taking orders on paper, avoiding mistakes of codes and descriptions.
  • Reduces the cost of post-processing handwritten orders.
  • Frees sales force time so they can focus on higher value-added tasks.
  • Accelerates the processing of orders through automatic synchronization with the commercial management system.
  • Easily integrates with any modern business management system.

Unlike other similar tools, Catalogz offers a carefully crafted graphical interface and an optimized management of multimedia content (text, image, audio and video) for the products catalog. It is a marketing tool, designed to positively impact customers from the very start.

66% of companies reporting complete alignment made their revenue goals. Mobile technology offers one of the most effective ways to support marketing-sales alignment and boost sales: 23% more firms meet team sales quotas when employing a sales mobility strategy, according to Aberdeen; and companies that use mobile business apps increased win rates 26%, according to a recent Yankee Group survey.

How to Use Mobile Technology to Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment. (

The suite is completed with the implementation of an e-commerce portal exclusive for customers, allowing them to access the same information available for the sales representative on the salesforce app, and generate their own orders.